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How to find a good HDMI cable?

Time:2018-09-02 10:43:02   View:5173

The HDMI cable can realize the visual feast of high-definition images. Then, a good HDMI HD cable is a necessary condition to meet your requirements. To make a decision on visual effects, the 2.0 version of HDMI is a better recommendation because it is not just HD, it is also the eye-blocker that connects the picture to the visual experience. However, the brands of HDMI lines on the market are diverse and the quality is uneven. How to choose a good HDMI high line? As an HDMI technology enthusiast, the author has visited and investigated through a large number of markets. Here is how to choose a good HDMI HD cable.

(1) Selection of the version of the HDMI cable

Since the release of the HDMI 1. 0 release, the HDMI interface specification has gone through version 1.2, version 1.3, version 1.4, to the current version 2.0. Each version upgrade is to add new features and expand the scope of HDMI applications. On the other hand, it is also to increase the transmission rate of the signal and expand the range of color gradation support. Therefore, in order to meet future needs, we still recommend that you try to choose a high version of the HDMI cable. At present, the mainstream version of the 1.4 version of the HDMI cable can also be met by ordinary households, then the 2.0 version of HDMI is to strive for excellence, to meet your higher pursuit.

(2) Selection of the thickness of HDMI cable

HDMI cable thickness selection: too fine HDMI cable should be carefully selected, not to mention the brand, thin HDMI cable because of the space problem, the core material and the thickness of the shield design are very important to the signal quality The wire that is too thin must be "shrinked" on the core and the shield, so be sure to pay more attention. Of course, there are still such manufacturers who do thin wires in the process. The core technology of the thin wire is mainly on the production equipment, and the process is critical. However, many manufacturers are unwilling to do this because it is too cumbersome.

(3) HDMI cable interface material to choose

In terms of materials, this process has been done in a large number of pure copper or 24K gold-plated materials to make HDMI cable interfaces, which can effectively solve the problem of poor contact caused by multiple plugging and unplugging interfaces, and can avoid signals. Lost phenomenon and affect the picture effect.

(4) HDMI interface process

HDMI interface technology: joint work, from the perspective of transmission effect, of course, the best use of gold-plated material, followed by silver, and then copper. Pure gold sterling silver wire is not available on the market, but in order to enhance the transmission effect of pure copper wire, it is gold-plated and silver-plated. The good HDMI connector should be smooth, bright and without any flaws. If the connector looks dull and has spots, etc., be careful.

HDMI high-definition cable is the standard high-definition signal transmission line of HDMI2.0. Yuanyang Technology currently has high-quality PVC injection heads, zinc alloy and aluminum alloy heads to ensure stable signal transmission. After connecting with TV, 3D HD movies are like them. territory. Yuanyang Technology HDMI high-definition line standard HDMI gold-plated interface, 99.999% pure copper, tin-plated copper oxygen-free copper core wire, providing excellent signal transmission function, multi-layer shielding of wire aluminum-magnesium wire, aluminum foil, etc. The technical process uses copper foil wrapped iron (tinplate) fully enclosed shield, perfectly integrated with the wire, three layers of high-density shielding, to prevent electromagnetic interference, so that the picture is more high-definition realistic, let you feel like a perfect visual feast.