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What should I pay attention to when customizing OEM HDMI cable?

Time:2018-09-02 10:48:31   View:5365
Many TV, mobile phone, computer and other technology products are getting higher and higher requirements. For their own products, there must be a cable for their own products. Yuanyang Technology has found a survey of nearly 50 HDMI HD line technical enthusiasts. Understand that we have found special attention on the custom HDMI HD line, which may not be much noticed by many buyers or demanders. Today, Yuanyang Technology explains the essence of custom HDMI HD cable for everyone:

HDMI HD line customization technology and production recommendations:

1, choose the manufacturer is equal to the choice of quality

The greater the demand, the more the products will be mixed into inferior products. This is a problem that every industry will encounter. In the industry of HDMI high-definition lines, there are manufacturers of large and small, different production equipment, process and quality of products. It will be different, so what kind of products will be produced when choosing a manufacturer. When purchasing, you must know what production equipment and processes are in the other side, which depends on the experience of the product after the product comes out. In general, there will be fully automated equipment, but the HDMI high-definition line has many steps to take the manual route, especially in the process of the covered line and interface detection, which requires professional manual inspection, the machine is one, artificial More important. In this aspect, Yuanyang has 10 professional inspectors. From the number of swings to the bending, from the envelope to the injection molding process, there will be control personnel, so as not to let a defective product out of the market. Trust every customer's trust and effort.

2. Can the customized parameters be sufficient?

Some manufacturers can tell you to do it, but they can't actually do it. This is a drawback. So when talking about parameters, be sure to know if you can meet the requirements. Manufacturers who can usually make customized services will have such technology, but because the technical requirements of customization are too high, some of them can only be used in stock, and this aspect is the point that the demanders of timing HDMI high-definition lines should pay attention to. , Yuanyang Technology has 6 years of experience in HDMI HD line customization, every parameter, every detail we are seeking the ultimate, to do fine. Customers who do not want customers to get it are not accepted by the market.

3, HDMI high-definition line production process and process

The process determines the quality of the product, and the process determines the level of the product. At the moment of selecting materials, the level of the product is determined. From the production of raw materials to the birth of finished products, Yuanyang Technology is a one-stop solution, independent manufacturer, more than a dozen process flows, and never cut corners. Only such standards In order to customize a good product. Therefore, the majority of buyers must be serious about this point, not the price issue, but the withdrawal of value.

4. Manufacturer's cooperation and service ability

There are a lot of people in the market. It’s very good when you talk to you. When the deal is over, the service can’t keep up. This is a very painful result for the buyer, because it’s impossible to make good communication. The product, the most tested is the communication efficiency of both parties, only one-to-one professional communication can make the right product, do what customers want, and do the customer's needs are the criteria that should be considered before customization.

HDMI HD cable customization, not every manufacturer can do, although one day in the future is really ok, but also need professional service capabilities, Yuanyang Technology can reach every customer's expectations, not how powerful we produce equipment, and It is our trust in the craftsmanship of the product and respect for the customer.

Yuanyang Technology is a pioneer in setting the industry standard for HDMI HD cable customization.